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CUSTOMTOOLS offers a suite of time saving tools for SOLIDWORKS that will help you to be more productive and bring consistency to your design team in a flexible way

CUSTOMTOOLS Capabilities

Introducing how CUSTOMTOOLS will assist you during your design process

  • Batch Processing

  • Sheet metal tools

  • Reporting

  • Property Management

  • File Management

  • ERP connection

  • Advanced searching

  • Design Reuse

  • Collaboration

Batch Processing


Batch Printing

Print all the drawings related to an assembly at once. Always print to the right size, printer and orientation.

Batch Conversion

Convert all the drawings/parts/assemblies related to an assembly in multiple file formats at once.

Solid Edge Migration

Moving from Solid Edge to SOLIDWORKS, make sure to convert your Solid Edge files.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Batch print/convert drawings and models
Define print settings per sheet format or paper size
Convert to multiple formats at the same time
25 file formats available
Define file naming and storing rules
Merge assembly drawings into one PDF
Insert BOM quantities
Manage print order
Print-time custom properties
Reload or change sheet formats
Manage layers visibility
Filter based on property value
Write properties at run-time
Insert bend sheet
Translate properties and title blocks
Import Solid Edge models to SOLIDWORKS files
Convert Solid Edge drawings to PDF/DXF/DWG
Run cutting profile task
Run bend sheet task
Run rebuild task


Sheet Metal Tools


DXF Automation

Automate the creation of your DXF files from parts, multi-body parts and drawings.

Cut-list Property Management

Write additional custom properties values to your cut list items properties.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Property pane for cut list items
Write additional cut list properties
Auto-create DXF drawing sheet
Auto-create DXF from parts
Auto-create DXF for multi-body parts
Merge DXF based on material & thickness
Insert customized property notes in DXF/DWG
Insert bend lines in flatten view
Show only silhouette edges (DXF cleaning)




Excel Report

Generate BOM structured reports with custom properties and embedded preview images.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Generate custom Excel reports
Generate custom BOM listing
Insert SOLIDWORKS attributes and custom property values
Insert preview image
Run file conversion rules
Insert link to converted files (req. CT Apps)
Bi-Directional Excel report (req. CT Apps)


Property Management


Custom Property

Extend and optimize the management of your custom properties in SOLIDWORKS.

Bounding Box

Generate a bounding box for parts and assemblies with additional dimension properties.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Compulsory values
RAL Colors/Colors
Force CAPS
Link dimensions, mass and material
Combine custom properties
Hierarchical dropdown list
Manage properties based on configuration
Propagate property values to models and drawings
Pre-defined note templates with custom properties
Customize sheet formats with custom properties
Insert tooltips for properties
Copy cut list item property as model/drawing property
Copy model property as drawing property
Custom dictionaries
Bounding box for parts and assemblies
Insert coordinates points in drawing


File Management


Automatic File Naming

Automate and unify your file naming and storing rules.


Manage your SOLIDWORKS files based on projects and sub-projects.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Define file naming rules
Number sequencing
Shared sequences between users
Part and assembly specific naming
Combine custom properties
Generate sequence based on property value
Load default custom property values
Project specific sequencing
Auto-save to project folder
Define projects and sub-projects


ERP Connection


ERP Import

Search and link corresponding ERP items with your SOLIDWORKS custom properties.

ERP Export

Ready with your project, make sure that BOMs and items are created or updated into your ERP.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Live ERP search in property pane
Link ERP data to properties
Export BOM to ERP (req. customization)
Automate the creation of new items in ERP (req. customization)
Export preview image


Advanced Searching



Search files based on custom property, project, file type or use the free search.


Quickly locate a SOLIDWORKS file in Windows Explorer.

Open Drawings

Locate your drawings regardless of naming and storing conventions.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Search files based on custom property values
Drag & drop from search results
Configurable search pane
Free search
Support configuration specific drawings
Search based on BOM part number
Identify all drawings made for a model
Locate a file in Windows Explorer


Design Reuse



Copy and rename assembly and all referenced documents at once.

Where Used

Find in which assemblies a part is being used.

Copy Referenced Drawings

Copy and rename drawings when the referred part/assembly is copied.


Main Features

Basic Professional
Locate where a model is being used
Updating file references on rename
Updating file references on copy
Copy referenced drawings
Copy and rename assemblies
Move and rename assemblies
Exclude Design Library files
Modify properties and update drawings with changes
Keep folder structure under the main assembly
Define destination folder for Models/Drawings




Cloud Connected

Export design data to the cloud and share them with your contractors.

(Cloud connected is feature of CUSTOMTOOLS Professional -edition)


CT PUBLISHER focuses on a user-centered approach to granting access to your product data. The platform allows your customers to visually navigate within their products to find and order the right spare part or access technical documentation. Re-use your existing SOLIDWORKS designs and create views with SOLIDWORKS Composer and upload it to the web with just a few clicks.

(CT PUBLISHER is a stand-alone solution, not part of CUSTOMTOOLS)


Main Features of CT PUBLISHER

Standard Enterprise
Enable browsing of interactive product models on the web portal
Distribute Product Documentation
Sell your Spare Parts in a webshop
Theme the web portal and shop according to your company brand, and localise it to multiple different languages
Prepare standard reports
Get access to Web API (for the integration of third party systems)
End-customer accounts supported 100 Unlimited
Customised web layouts upon request
Customised reporting
Connection to your existing ERP system for data exchange, for example for pulling in spare part pricing information
Custom features for the web portal and -shop upon request
Web hosting service


Main Features of CT Cloud Connected

Basic Professional
Export the product structure to the cloud platform
Run file conversion rules
Insert attributes and custom property values
Insert links to converted files
Email notifications


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