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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2022

Significant user-driven enhancements that will streamline and accelerate your product development process from concept to manufacturing.



SOLIDWORKS 2022: Work Smarter, Work Faster, Work Together


Watch an overview of all the new feature enhancements in SOLIDWORKS® 2022 that will improve your every-day workflows for design, documentation, data management, validation, and more.

Get more done in less time with performance improvements when working with large assemblies, imported geometry, and your product data. Experience the freedom of our fastest graphics to date with improved display response and quality.




Weather the Unexpected with SOLIDWORKS 2022 and 3DEXPERIENCE Works


Discover how new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2022 and tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works portfolio can help you weather the unexpected and keep your teams productive regardless of what life throws your way.




Catch Up with SOLIDWORKS – Best of What's New 2018-2022


Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS have introduced significant enhancements that improve the way you work. Evolutions in assembly performance, graphics responsiveness, and drawing detailing give you time back in your day. New Design capabilities allow more flexibility and faster workflows. Don't miss out, catch up with SOLIDWORKS!




eBook: SOLIDWORKS 2022 Enhancements


New Enhancements to streamline and accelerate your entire product development process which will improve efficiency, accuracy and collaboration capabilities


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Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS: Connect Your Design Data for Access Anywhere


Enabling remote access to design data is a must for every business, especially today. Now, you can connect your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud and securely access it, along with additional design, simulation, manufacturing, and management tools, from anywhere with a browser. Get the facts on getting your SOLIDWORKS data connected today.




New Features for SOLIDWORKS 2022


SOLIDWORKS 2022 - User Experience

SOLIDWORKS® 2022 continues to refine your experience with delighters such as the new Command Search in Shortcut Bar. Enhancements to section view, reference geometry display, Selection Sets, and redesigned notifications will bring you a cleaner and more efficient interface.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Parts

Combine the advantages of mesh data with the accuracy of parametric features with enhancements to hybrid part modeling. Create the geometry you want faster with the external threaded stud feature, bi-directional draft, and mirroring about two planes. Enhancements to Structure Systems allow you to generate weldments more rapidly.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Assemblies

Assembly performance has never been better, and SOLIDWORKS® 2022 introduces simplified approaches to working with lightweight modes. Pattern-driven patterns are enhanced to give you more flexibility. A new Configuration Table enables you to do more with your design without leaving SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Drawings

A redesigned Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing interface lets you work faster and more intuitively. You can open any drawing in Detailing mode directly from your Large Design Review assembly. Weldment cut lists are now available directly in your Bill of Material.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Import

Open DXF or DWG files into a part sketch and import even the largest STEP files more quickly. Enhanced filtering when importing IFC files allows you to bring in only what you need.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Graphics

SOLIDWORKS 2022 takes another step in refining its graphics architecture to make your experience smoother. Redesigned Cosmetic Threads allow you to clearly visualize your design.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Administration

New administrative image options give you more control over deploying and managing SOLIDWORKS® installations. If you're supporting remote users, the new image types will greatly reduce installation times.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Visualize

Improvements to Animation such as multiple camera tracks, grouping and re-ordering, and camera path give you highly requested capabilities to bring your products to life. With new Instancing, you have more freedom to create and control patterns. Enhance realism with the new Shadow Catcher feature.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Inspection

Inspection 2022 gives you native support for SOLIDWORKS® Assemblies and Drawings, which drastically improves workflows. API support in the Inspection add-in expands your ability to automate documentation processes.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Routing

SOLIDWORKS® 2022 significantly accelerates the routing of 3D wires, cables, and harnesses in your product so you can evaluate more ideas during the design cycle. Refinements to Bend Radius control help you avoid errors. Create more robust routes when combined with SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Electrical

Improved performance with large and multi-user Electrical projects will save you time creating, changing, and copying your work. Smart PDF documentation improves the quality of your reports. Enjoy more complete representation and documentation of backshells.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Simulation

Use the new Linkage Rod connector to represent a wider variety of physical components. Save time preparing your model with enhanced meshing and contact definition. Solve studies faster with parallel processing enhancements and automatic solver selection.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Flow Simulation

Save time loading exactly the results display you want with the new Scene Plot. Locate critical results in your design with the new Merged Plots, which allow you to clearly see differences between studies at a glance.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Plastics

Get optimal results faster with the Injection Location Adviser. Expanded runner shapes allow you to create more real-world studies. With enhancements to Symmetry, you can represent multi-cavity molds that solve quicker than ever.


Save time previewing your SOLIDWORKS® files by accessing all eDrawings features from within Windows Explorer. Enhancements to Web2 allow you to view even more 3D formats and data cards directly from a web browser. Improved content readability helps you quickly understand the scope of operations.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Manage

Share Bill of Material data with external users in an efficient and controlled web link to easily get feedback. Integration with Microsoft Office let you work more effectively with the most common non-CAD documents. A new integration with the SOLIDWORKS® Task Pane means you can do more directly in CAD.

3DEXPERIENCE Works - Cloud-Based Sculpting

Complement your SOLIDWORKS® with 3D Sculptor -- a cloud-based subdivision (Sub-D) modeling solution that's part of 3DEXPERIENCE® Works. Create organic shapes and complex surfaces intuitively and quickly. Explore designs using natural push-pull interaction and powerful underlying technology that keeps surface quality high.

3DEXPERIENCE Works - Cloud Data Management

How do you connect your design, engineering, and business teams together? With 3DEXPERIENCE® Works, connecting everyone else to SOLIDWORKS® is just a few clicks away. Improve your collaboration, productivity, and innovation with 3DEXPERIENCE Works – it all starts with cloud-based, hassle-free data management.

3DEXPERIENCE Works - Simulation Without Limits

Powered by SIMULIA®, the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works simulation tools offer you comprehensive ability to simulate complex physics at scales never before attainable. With structural, fluid flow, plastic injection, and electromagnetic simulations, you are empowered more than ever to design better products and exceed your goals.




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